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14th-Jun-2010 09:57 am - A G.E.M. post.
【hsj】山田涼介 ☆ 緑
I also wish to be annoying and whore the G.E.M. community, gemtang. This girl needs LJ love!

A quick note: if the colours look washed-out in Firefox, this is the browser's fault. I believe the problem has been rectified in the newest version, but I'm not sure.

icons: 9
header: 1 (2 versions)

Ai ni, ai ni, ai ni~Collapse ) I know the cut text is above the preview for some reason, but it all works, fear not.
1 2 3
【嵐】櫻井翔 ☆ light
Since I suffer from a strong and terrible fixation on Sho Sakurai, I felt the need to make a post on his birthday. Only headers this time, plus an icon to go with one of them. And no, not all from an.an, but doesn't that make for a nice preview?

Happy birthday, dear Shoooooooo--Collapse )
23rd-Dec-2009 10:36 am - Arashi graphics/layout post.
【嵐】櫻井翔 ☆ 最後の約束
After seeing the rather gorgeous shoot of Arashi from the recent issue of Cut, I felt it necessary to make graphics from it.

And here they are, plus a layout. Hope you enjoy!

icons: 5 [one member each]
→ [1] ohno
→ [1] sho
→ [1] nino (+ 1 variation)
→ [1] aiba
→ [1] jun (+ 1 variation)
layout: 1 [flexible squares, for use with any of the headers]

No preview because I spent half the night finishing everything and my brain is refusing to work; sorry about that. I hate not knowing what I click too /headdesk.

The year 2009 was brought to you by sexy men in suits.Collapse )
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